animation and pictures, oh my

Posted on March 16, 2011


So.   I am still trying to figure out how to reconcile the “guessing game” code, which is all in .as files and not on the timeline, and being able to have animation with audio and then make things stop and have interaction, because the interaction stuff was on the timeline. Except that, I suppose, now that I got the multiple guess thing to work, I *could* start … except it still *starts* with the interaction. (Tho’, d’o, I suppose there’s a simple command to say “at fram 135 do this.”)

BUT!  Cut that out, Geonz.   You decided that a good thing to od would be to put together the visual parts, on the grounds athat A:   it rather needs to be done and b:  if you want to ask somebody for help, then having stuff to show what you want to happen would be a good idea (and demonstrate that you’ve already invested time) and C:  then I’d have a teeny bit of practice at the Getting it from a File to Online.


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