(“just saying”)

Posted on March 9, 2011


When I think about how *wide open* and *flat* that road is — and the corn isn’t up  — and Cindy and David ride an extremely visible bicycle — it doesn’t take a whole lot of mathem,atical ability to see that Errol Maul had an incredible amount of time to see and react — assuming he *was* going incredibly fast.   If that isn’t considered reckless, then I think Julia Rietz should lose her license to do *anything,* including drive.  (She’s the one who deemed Jennifer Stark should be charged with bad lane use after downloading ring tones and killing Matt Wilhelm. We didn’t have the same law then; now there is NO EXCUSE — except perhaps that standard one that people of higher social status are immune to responsibilities for their actions if their victims aren’t powerful enough to fight them.)

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