plugging on :)

Posted on January 18, 2011


Today I successfully cleaned off enough space on the big desk in the middle room to put this computer.

I’m on page 148, having decided to go back and do it all instead of skipping to “decision making.” I hate that I don’t really remember anything, tho’ it all still makes sense.

Okay, at page 150, having created a frog… now we get to the part where… the directions don’t work. Of course, I don’t *have* a “left mouse button,” because this is a Mac, but even if I do the equivalent and drag… welp, it doesn’t select the layers.  Oh. Well.  It’s not like it’s supposed to be directions that work.

However, I think I can figure out what it wants to happen, and do it a longer way.

I might have. Blech. And now I’m told to add code… the stuff to add is supposed to be in bold, but I don’t have *that* line … welp, I’m addingit, then, but NOT expecting this to work.

It did 🙂

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