Posted on January 8, 2011


Okay, Saturday’s efforts!  “YMMV”  — the book says one thing, but that’s not what’s actually happening.  Actually, the book says two conflicting things …

So the book says that “a black keyframe will appear in the OVER state, and all the graphics from the previous state will be copied into it.”

Then it says, a couple of lines later, that “All that’s missing is the black anrrow and the text.”  Welp, it copied all the graphics.  It is NOT missing them.  Or is it? Am I just seeing the text because lots of layers show, or is it really there?  I don’t know. Let me disappear the other layer — except that it is not that clear what I’m disappearing.

Welp, the further directions copy them again. I’ve checked to see that what I was told to put in foreground, I’ve put in foreground; background is in background.  Noting this page as where to go if something doesn’t look right, though.

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