travel time

Posted on January 8, 2011


Another hour —  okay, probab’ly really 1.5; the airport stuff was nice because I didn’t even try to use the ‘puter, but just read closely.   Thus, I found what I’d skipped to make the button do its “gradient transform” (um, didn’t make it a gradient first), and might have found the next issue (did I forget to *make* a keyframe?) — and then it was boarding time… and then I was informed that it was time to stop programming and just read and digest, so I did.

So the only fruits right now are a half-formed button with a gradient… lesson learned: more focus needed than doing this while watching the Illini when they’re playing well, and they were elegant Thursday night. Without the attention, steps get skipped 😦    I remember liking another thing or two as I was reading and taking the odd note… but it’s gettin’ late… really hoping I can use my “save $100 on the flight” Monday and actually cross that line from =”yea, this has such wonderful potential!!!” to tasting something real. Welp, it’s still January. 2011 might be the year “I’m going to design online spelling games” really happens…

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