Posted on January 8, 2011


Okay, now I hit undo a few times — in the POND BUTTON edit page, mind you, and only a few times.

Welp, now I no longer have layers.   I have thes ame flogging graphics, but no “foreground” or “background.”   So, I guess I get to do this over.

STRIKE ONE.  (I am not really all that interested in doing graphics over and over and over. )

Back to page 66, having deleted the so-called button in question.   (I suppose I should be grateful to the folks in teh CIS classes who I watched learn that it’s better to start from scratch than to try to undo-redo, both because you’re probably not going to do it right that time, either and because you want to learn the right sequence, when you don’t know anything, so going through the directions in order is better.  The key is to abandon that “I SHOULDN”T FLOGGING HAVE TO DO THIS!!”  hormonal response.  Letting go now 🙂

Successful, and sort of kinda enjoying getting more smooth…e xcept I still hate it when they lie to you. “Double click to select both fill and stroke.”   Well, except when it doesn’t. If I use the *polystar* then … there just actually, in fact, is no way to do that.

11:16 … back at “duplicating button.” Page 74. (Rambunctious children are gone.)


Now I get to see if that reading ahead stuff yesterday works.

1:36    put code in. Reading ahead helped. P. 81 DONE.

(Reading through, anyway. Just like students do 🙂  But yes, having digested arguments and declarations, and exactly what “=” means here… is good.)

12:01   successfully opened the project from the “source files.”

Oops, I didn’t.  I clicked “open,” and saw the files, but they weren’t really open. You know how it is. It doesn’t actually DO what it says it’s going to do unless you already know how to REALLY ask, which they don’t tell you.

Okay, I think it sort of did something *like* what it said it would do, and added an error message that the book didn’t tell me about, but I think I’m still on the right track.  (It’s the source files so I didn’t do anything wrong, dude.)

p. 104 now, good people. 12:10.


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