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Posted on January 8, 2011


12:12 in 2011. on 1/8.

Okay, “open project like we told you how to do it before.”

Open doesn’t **really** mean open, I realize after several minutes of frustration.  It just means show you the files so you can open the ones you want. I hope. It’s a Mac thing, you wouldn’t understand.   Welp, if you want me to like oyur products, then make it comprehensible.


Typed a lot of code in.  Reveled in being able to touch type.

First attempt:   nope.   Didn’t Work.   Let’s go find the typos. I hope.

Okay, the program says my mistake is where I saw the little code explained in the book but I couldn’t find it, so I tried to remember — I assumed it meant “this arrow means that while we have to put in a line break because this is paper, you should just keep typing.”  So, now to go read the details… (okay, I found it, quickly, and that is what it meant… oh, well.)

Okay, maybe the reason it is blank is because one of my files — you know the one that all of CHapter two was spent creating — is now completely blank.  NOthing is on it.   Not that I didn’t do it.   It just, you know, erased itself.   Because Macs are like that, you know.

Oh, well, I have repeated everyting several times before.   It’s what you DO when you are learning with Macs. Yes, it could and should be done better — but this is the USA and the declining… 😛  cease and desist and get back to work, dear 🙂

… okay, I decided to ignore that and fix the boo-boo and that got me the page, but when I clicked to the other pages, they did show up, but very, very, very badly off center. I checked and I aligned them properly.  Now I feel like the three or four times I’ve laid hands on an interactive game where that joystick lets me run around… but it responds unpredictably and there are no clues — and other people know the clues but I just really am not having enough so-called “fun” to figure them out. It’s meant to be a social thing, clearly… so if you’re not doing it that way… sorry.  Oh, of course we don’t say that up front.  If you’re in the in group, you already know and if you’re not, we don’t care. Eat worms.

And that is **exactly**, IMHO, one of the biggest most fatal flaws of most “great and amazing educational opportunities using technology.”  It only works if you have a rather significant set of subskills that are never defined.  and it’s hard to avoid if you already have the skillset, which is why I’m takin’ all these notes — to record the skillset gaps.

GAP GAP :  why isn’t my file showing up in the middle of hte page when I go to it? It’s on the hatchmarks where I was told it was dreadfully important to put it.

Okay, I figured it out.   I made sure it’s “location” — which I set for the first page, and don’t remember if I was told to on the second and third (and might have just missed that step) was at 0 0.

Now, the mystery is:  why can’t I change one page without changing all of them? Yes, the buttons “work” — they take me from startpage to hill page… but all the pages are identical. If I edit one, they all change. FYAEWLLY.

And why are they now all one layer?  Dear hearts, I know I didn’t make them all on one layer.   Perhaps one of the many times I had to redo it, though… ’cause “start page” is several layers.

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