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Posted on January 8, 2011


… okay, so I made an “)therPage” and then deletedPondPage  (the one layer guy) and then renamed other page PondPage, but now the program doesn’t think there’s a PondPage.  Eat worms.

So maybe since I did that I have to go back and find where I ‘called’ it and say do that again?  I thought that was exactly what object oriented programming was supposed to help.   (I am fervently fervently hoping that this stuff is a necessary part of the leraning process.)

And… this is where I hope that the “source files” work like in Graphic Design classes — that I can get the right ones and pick up where I want to, ’cause that’s what I want to do.

… except that only has the files at the END of the chapter.

So I went back and tried to change the name back or something and it would nOT let me because that class was already taken, and I realized that if you just change the name, it doesn’t automatically go change the class part.  That’s what makes this “advanced language,” I guess, that it doesn’t take care of that. So I fixed it.  Now both mistakes are OK and I am happy.

TO LEARN:   Be sure when you “redo” that you keep things in their separate layers (even if I didn’t actually forget to do that ;))

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