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Posted on December 31, 2010


Let’s just see if *he* has google alerts on his name 🙂

So.   I looked for resources for learning Actionscript. Everything seemed strongly tailored to people already programming, already alphageeks or at least in the geek herd. Dudes, I have been out of programming since my undergrad days, except for dabblng wiht a C++ book and stuff long enough to know that it owuld take too long to learn to be a programmer (considering I had another day job) and no, I’m not one of those naturals at it.

O’Reilly has one with Beginner’s in the title… but the reviews on Amazon are great — from alphageeks.   More than one of the low-starred reviews say that a: it’s full of typos and b: it’s NOT NOT NOT for beginners, thank you.  So, I hope it’s not an evil astroturf bunch of false reviewers and basically recoil from the hypocrisy.

Under the reviews, the Amazon site said that 68% looked at that page and bought it, but some much smaller percent went on to buy “Foundation Game Design with Flash” (or  possibly one of the others in that series).

SO! I put my order in and less than 48 hours later, THUNK!

So.   You can’t go back.  Once you know stuff, you can’t *really* know what it’s like to still be learning it.  That’s a bit of a  problem with making educational stuff.  So while it’s all fresh and delightful, I’ll log my “progress” (hoping it gets somewhere).

I really like the beginning; maybe it’s just skilled marketing but I appreciated being told that yes, most of the other stuff out there was for people already programming but this was for beginners, tho’ I might like to get some basic Flash skills first. (I took a class in it two years ago… so hopefully it’ll all come back to me…)  Okay, the Pre-Zombie Nerd n me also appreciated that yes, hte first program says “Hello, World.”

More soon…

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