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December 31, 2010


So far so good… so far the directions include the details that matter (I think ;)). Whoo-hoo!   I’ve learned the first Naming Convention for files and classes!   It’s like smelling Marge’s cabbage soup and the pink lemonade in it.I am making myself read every word so I can hear the author talk to me. Oh, […]

rex van der spuy

December 31, 2010


Let’s just see if *he* has google alerts on his name 🙂 So.   I looked for resources for learning Actionscript. Everything seemed strongly tailored to people already programming, already alphageeks or at least in the geek herd. Dudes, I have been out of programming since my undergrad days, except for dabblng wiht a C++ book […]


December 31, 2010


I went there and put in for an educational upgrade… it’s a place to share links. I have google alerts set to send me when somebody posts about assorted things.   I included “Freak the mighty” since I put the comprehension companion up for sale a little while ago. Lemme tell ya, the word freak means […]

Goals :)

December 30, 2010

0 which I found at … must explore… must take a bike ride ’cause it’s forty degrees out there!!   Okay, I also found diigo … but… I would need a new user name and I’ll have to think about that. Geonzy, because that’s what my high school math teacher called me? (Geonz isn’t […]

just a thought

December 29, 2010


I’m trying to charge my Garmin on my PC.  Unlike the Mac, when the PC goes to sleep, it stops charging.  Therefore, I clicked onto the Weather Channel videos which keep circulating through, which will keep the ‘puter from sleeping. “Chrome” ads come between every other video, which is okay since I’m not watching it.   […]

Flashing around…

December 28, 2010


I wrote out an out line for explaining interval notation, and actually imagined how the number line and interval notation are visually related and visualized one morphing into the other. Completely achievable with simple Flash skills, which I *should* have. I popped open Photoshop for to make a nice Number Line Image and longed for […]

part whole and life

December 26, 2010


I was contemplating that “part-whole” concept while considering a friend whose concept of money is binary:  YES or NO.   He can do basic arithmetic but doesn’t like it.  He’s either spending on anything — gizmos and gifts, whatever — or absolutely sure he’s going to be on the street tomorrow. I began to wonder if […]

What I found this week!

December 22, 2010


I’ve been posting assorted things to a “numeracy” email list I’m on… time for some direct links. Okay, Other Decision Time.   Blog here?   Or blog from “myparkland?”   Or make a link from one to the other? How ’bout:   do both for a month and see which one gets traffic, if any. Question of the day:   […]

Motivation, motivation…

December 9, 2010


(hey, back in November somebody clicked here! Note to self:   start occasionally linking to other folks’ blogs who might notice the odd pingback.) I have been reading stuff from other folks who’ve unearthed and defined some of the “immature models” that people hold to.   These folks, and it’s most people, have insane ideas in their […]

Oops… flurries…

December 2, 2010


Hmmm… previous post should have bene in the bikin’ blog, but who’s counting?  — Dead Link of the Day.   It’s not dead, but the news is from 2004. Other Dead Link:   — alas, this once had really cool stuff, but now all the links are dead.   Note to self:  begin process of Finding […]