Computer skilz

Posted on November 1, 2010


Two weeks ago I came to the conclusion that demands of computer use have reached a new level.  It’s not enough to be computer savvy to do the thinsg you once could do with that savvy, and you need to *be* computer savvy to do just about anything the culture demands these days.

Rather than do the long story, here’s today’s examples.  I’m called out to the main lab for a “student in panic” alert, and the “regular” people don’t know what to do.  She really is about to lose it.  She’s got her midterm to hand in but the computer won’t open it.  It’s a Works file — usual procedure is open Word first ’cause WOrd will recognize it even if Windows won’t.  However, it’s a *zipped* works file.

I save it and extract it and her blood pressure drops… I’d already helped a student panicking because when she’d accessed her flash drive here it had shown the hidden files, and she’d tried to open a temporary file with nothing on it… and then in comes the lady who’s been told NO, you CANNOT fax the print form of the PDF form.  You *must* fill it out online.  ONly problem is, it won’t let her fill it out.  I pull it up in Acrobat Professional and enable the Typewriter tool and save it with a different name, and she’s on her way… but she’d spent hours wrestling with it and she’s perfectly capable of reading directions.

‘Tis a project to be tackled…

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