Creepin’ forward

Posted on April 19, 2010


I have done (why cant I use apostrophes?) a powerpoint for the tens times tables and am mostly done the sixes.  No, that is not the order I would present them in, but I wanted an easy one and a hard one so people could get a taste of what it is andsay whether they liked it or not.  Hmmm… mebbe tomorrow I shall get it in camtasia.

I am also doing a little search for waht is out there in hands on exercises.  Sad when the third link is already one with “NEW” links that are dead as doornails but it could just be serendipitous google ranking.  Number five describes a book that takes the idea of “learning the times tables the fun way” to a new level – it tells stories about all the numbers.  Poor zero is a bully, butting to the front of all the lines… then they find out he feels like a zero, as it were 😉  I think I like it (better than “the fun way” which are easier to remember than rote recitations of nonsense syllables but don’t generally ahve anything to do with math — having to be 16 to drive a “four by four” doesn’t really give me a sense of what math is happening).

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