Another urrgh link…

Posted on April 16, 2010


So, I’m seeing what’s “out there”  with Google “search the blogs” for how to practice times tables (remembering 1998 and searching books and websites for “teacher tips” on different ways to practice spelling and not finding any!).  I find  a fair number of posts on blogs about people trying to convince someone that learning the times tables is worthwhile (haven’t found anybody saying don’t bother yet, but I’m sure I will). This One about “myths about learning the times tables” I rather liked, since he does say that it really doesn’t make sense to memorize ’em to 20.  (I would venture to say that there could be significant value in it *if* you’re having fun with it and exploring the nature of the numbers along the way, and it would be one way to give students options.)

Sigh, then I looked at the title of the site.  Education Idea’s on 2010.   Huh?  What does that *mean?*  The apostrophe police are getting their tasers out… the panda says NO!

Welp, I tell my self, what it means to me is that I could distract myself from doing mroe work on my project and try to figure it out… or I can go back to figuring out One More Thign To Help You Learn Your Times Tables.

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