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Posted on April 13, 2010


When this guy (Richard Allington, whose articles I’ve beenr eading for years) said Response to Intervention is our “last, best hope,” I thought… okay, he’s bought the hogwash.  Then he said “but only if we start doing it right.”   He said out loud that a: lots of K & 1 grade teachers really don’t know a lot about teaching reading… okay, I knew that… but that there are some who do — buit they get ignored.  I sort of knew that, but yes, it’s right.  So I reckon the secret is to let the people who dont’ know a lot feel okay about not knowing a lot — and to let the folks who know how to teach reading do it. (No, he doesn’t touch the reading wars  – and calling that an elephant in the middle of the room is too mild).

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