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Posted on April 6, 2010


So far, I’m less than impressed.  Extremely less than impressed.  This article purports that it “explains several ways to assess a student’s progress and level of determination based on their responses to failure.”   Goes on to say that if a student says “I can’t,” or says negative things, that their determination may be suffering.  Oh, and that
“Failure can result in self-defeating behavior, decreased output, and a lack of enthusiasm. ”

I find that a rather weak “way to assess progress,” and saying that it’s a parent’s responsibility to “act on your child’s behalf” is also more than a little vague.

Here’s the *conclusion* to the article:

“Even a child who constantly completes their assignments with success will experience a blow to their determination when a teacher points out that they could have done better. The student might feel as if they have failed not only themselves but the teacher also.”

I’m sorry.   I happen to know an awful lot of students who do know how to use advice for improvement.    The article doesn’t in any way, shape or form discuss constructive vs. destructive criticism.  It doesn’t seem to have an issue with the state of mind wherein any critique means you failed. It accepts this as the way students are.

I have to assume that the folks putting out this website feel the same way about the articles here:  the assignment (write an article) was completed successfully.  I’m disappointed.  I expected better.

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