The delight of deadlines…

Posted on March 22, 2010


When I was in the edjumickashun system and learning “how to do research,” we were taught to do a thorough reading of what was already published about a subject.

Nowadays, that would mean never, ever, ever getting anything done because all the people who don’t do that are busy publishing about that and you would never rund out of things to read.

So! Now that I *did* finally get a reasonable explanation for the “math isn’t repeated addition” frenzy (it’s also about sets and ratios and relationships… I’m thinking that perhaps the frenzicats simply can’t **stand** the very idea that something multidimensional is being reduced to something linear – that it’s like smashing a 3-D person into two?), I have to move on and figure out how I’m going to do my marvelous “how to *get* multplication if you didn’t in the first 20 (or 50) years of your life.”

I found a lovely video at  that kept repeating “repeated addition is all there is to multiplication!”  I suppose if I want to cause high blood pressure among a certain group of mathies, I could just keep showing it…

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