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January 17, 2020


Reading on the bus: Multiplication is for white people because I left the article about Florida on my desk. Descriptions of middle and high school classrooms where students are coloring…. makes me want to GET OUT THERE and shake things. (THe “Crayola Curriculum…” I suppose word searches are a full step ahead of this in […]

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Riding inspiration

January 8, 2020


Students sometimes say “I was taking the test and I thought of what you would say” (or sometimes “I remember you yelling at me, ‘THINK!'” the one time…) … or they’ve said “could we bring you with us… a cardboard you?” okay, anxiety is a real thing. What if students *could* bring some kind of […]

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N + 1 article – but different

January 7, 2020


I get to eat some words 🙂 Alexandra Logue tweeted that hey, there was lots of evidence that supporting students in college level math *worked* with a link to a study: “Should Students Assessed as Needing Remedial Mathematics Take College-Level Quantitative Courses Instead? A Randomized Controlled Trial.” Erm. Yes. I was skeptical. And when I […]

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N + 1 – arithmetic remediation in college article

January 4, 2020


So! Fascinating article here from New York City College of Technology: A Modularized Tablet-Based Approach to Preparation for Remedial Mathematics . First off, up front, they state that lots of people need to learn arithmetic before they can take remedial math, rather than exclude them. The intro is the usual “things are really bad!!” stuff, […]

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Thread + 1, dev math “successes”

January 3, 2020


Reading about Salt Lake Community College winning an award   for their Quantitative  Literacy Pathways. The proportion of students retained into a higher math course the following semester was markedly higher for the new gateway course (.44 in Fall 2016) than for Intermediate Algebra – the previous gateway course (.33 in Fall 2015 and .3 in Fall […]

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Some progress…

December 31, 2019


Okay, the cleaning worked out ridiculously well — to the tune of finding an unopened envelope, reluctantly opening it because … oops, yes, that was a check dated from April 2017. No, it doesn’t have to be honored. Yes, when I went down to Common Ground Food Coop and inquired… they just cut me a […]



December 27, 2019


  … about to head out this Boxing Day for a few miles.     My 30+hit day is off the calendar so the 3 aday look almost significant — and let me post stuff like WOW, I figured out how to replicate my number chart on another page (tho’ I thnk I want to add […]

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