Whew… approaching midterm

September 25, 2014


So… I’m wondering when I will have so much as 7 minutes to actually work on Mooculations… and reflecting that this *is* the absolute busiest time of the year.   Sometime soon, folks will start doing that W thing… or getting more independent (if only because, as today, I inform them that no, I am […]

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completing the square

September 15, 2014


… let’s just say it’s absolutely, positively one of those sections where it is a tad challenging to say “where am I going to use this?”  except for my tried and true “well, sometimes you’re going to have to follow complicated procedures carefully, even if they don’t make much sense.” I actually cornered the teacher […]

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area, squareeya

September 13, 2014


… I do heartily wish that the Student In Question hadn’t latched onto that phrase so eagerly. However, if I’m going to “meet the students where they are,” then… this student wants magic rules. Yes, I included the two-D nature of area, too… and my hope is that when she remembers the rote, she associates […]

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Two Unknowns

September 12, 2014


Our pre-algebra course Only Uses One Variable, thank you, … … students are confronted with the infamous “PersonA is 3 older than PersonB.  The sum of their ages is 50″  … with a few more words and obfuscations… PersonA                 +                 […]

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September 11, 2014


Seems “Desire2Learn,” our online course platform, is going to “Open Course” land. They don’t want to call them MOOCs because of the association therewith of massiveness. We had a professional development session about the possibility of doing something with, oh, developmental math on that platform. Magma is shifting. Small earthquakes may be happening ;)

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Two wrongs don’t make a right :)

September 5, 2014


…. but that’s a good thing!      I’m going to try this as my experimental response for the student who is tuned for the “rule mnemonics.”    I’m all for nixing tricks per http://nixthetricks.com/ … but many of my students didn’t have teachers who made sure they understood math, so they arrive here very, very practiced […]

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Throwback Thursday … naw, don’t throw it back.

September 4, 2014


Spent entirely too much time looking for the flash drive I plucked from its socket and put … put… oh, it was tucked into a zipped part that I hadn’t unzipped on my too-many-pocketed waist-bag.   However, I could have been doing other things than seeking it between students those afternoon hours… … but in cleaning […]


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